Hello there!

My name is Nicholas Gilbert, welcome to my blog / portfolio! I’m a cloud administrator who specializes in automation using Powershell to yell at Azure / Azure adjacent things.

This site is still a work a progress, but feel free to have a look around!

Read some of my ramblings about making this blog and other tech-adjacent topics, or check out some of the old projects I’ve worked on.

Still Alive

Still Alive Small update post to indicate that I am indeed, still alive, just had a supremely busy March with various trips and even more various illnesses. The posts should resume again in a more regular fashion later this month, this time actually targeting Powershell and DevOps topics. About page I swear this will be done at some point. Just not right now.

April 7, 2023 · 1 min · Nicholas Gilbert

Scratch That, New Visit Counter

How to Implement A Solution, See a Better Solution, and Chase that Solution So it turns out I dropped the github markdown-style viewcounts pretty much immediately after adding them to the site. I did this around a day after the last post, but just got caught up in work and other life events and didn’t write a post about it. This came down to that same blog post as the last post....

February 23, 2023 · 4 min · Nicholas Gilbert


More bells, more whistles I don’t recall exactly how I stumbled upon this feature idea, but I decided I wanted to see (roughly) how many visitors I’ve had on the different blog posts I’ve made. Seemed like a simple enough feature, and probably doable in a static site like this. Turns out it is extremely simple, using a service called visitor-badge.glitch.me. Using a snippet from this blog post by Ravikanth Chaganti, which detailed the embedding of the visitor-badge service, I had what I needed to get this on my site....

February 10, 2023 · 3 min · Nicholas Gilbert

From Disqus to Giscus

Wait, why change? The initial choice of Disqus as a comment backend was a hasty one; it was chosen on a whim simply because I had heard of it. It had some clear drawbacks: Not terribly configurable to meet the theme I was going for External site for configuration and management Free tier supported by Ads (the biggest one) Not wanting to pony up cash for a premium tier I decided I would stick with this for now to just have some comments before migrating elsewhere....

February 5, 2023 · 6 min · Nicholas Gilbert

What Do You Say?

Say Anything While pondering the limits of github pages, I wondered if a comments provider would work. Turns out it does, out of the box, really easily, down to the provider (in this case, Hugo and PaperMod). Comments I think will become useful as I start to write about non-blog topics like PowerShell specifics, where folks can contribute questions or suggestions to fix the content I’ve written. It would also allow me to track engagement to some degree (which I’m guessing is next to zero for now....

February 3, 2023 · 3 min · Nicholas Gilbert